Seeing bugs after treatment can be aggravating. You pay good money for a pest control treatment, and it can be discouraging to see bugs after your home or business has been sprayed. It may even appear that there are more bugs now than before the treatment! So, what’s the deal? “What if I still see bugs after I get pest control?” you may wonder. Why do I see more bugs in my Skokie house?

Bed Bugs in Skokie House

There are a few things that can occur after treatment. The short answer is that it could be due to the fact that you had a lot of bugs to begin with, that you were recently serviced, or that this is your first treatment. The good news is that if you continue to see bugs, you should not be concerned. It is usually harmless, and the bugs will die off in a few days. If that isn’t the case, Staefa offers a guarantee and is happy to reservice. Let’s look at why your home may still be infested with bugs.

 Why Do I See More Bugs After Pest Control 

It may appear strange, but if you were recently serviced, this could explain why you have so many bugs. There were probably a lot of bugs to kill if you weren’t on a preventive treatment before. When the pesticide gets on these bugs, it does not always kill them right away. This is particularly true of ants, but it can also occur with cockroaches. The chemicals are intended to act as “bait,” causing them to return to their colony and feed everyone else. This kills the colony in a few days, but it can increase activity for the first few days.

Even if not all bugs are baited, pesticides can make them more active right after treatment. It usually stirs up the bugs for a few days, making it appear as if there are more bugs than ever before. In reality, they are drawn to the pesticide, which attracts them, giving the impression that there are more. These cunning bugs were simply hiding, and the pesticide will eliminate them. We usually tell people that seeing bugs within the first ten days of treatment is completely normal. However, if you continue to encounter bugs after ten days, we may need to intervene. You can contact the best pest control near me.

The initial treatment

As previously stated, if you haven’t had preventive pest control, there could be a lot of bugs in your home that you haven’t seen before. We’ve discovered that when it’s your first treatment, you should expect an increase in bugs for the first few days. We work hard to push bugs from inside the house to outside, but bugs can sometimes escape the pesticide from outside and end up inside the house. This can occur with any service, such as spider extermination, bee control, ant control, and so on. This should only last a few days following your first treatment.

However, if it’s been more than a few days and you’re still seeing bugs, it’s possible that the egg cycle wasn’t interrupted in time, and these are new bugs that the pesticide didn’t touch. When this occurs, a pest control treatment should be repeated. We understand that this is inconvenient, but it is not usually a recurring problem after the initial treatment. The good news is that we offer free reservices!


Is there a lot of rain recently? Perhaps the temperatures have risen and the humidity has reached its peak? The interesting thing about bugs is that they are heavily influenced by the weather. When it rains, many bugs, like us, want to get out of the rain. An increase in ants is common as they emerge from underground and seek the dryness of your home. And there are always more bugs when it’s hot outside. They enjoy the heat and will often seek refuge in the winter to avoid the cold. Summer is free game for them, so an increase with the weather change is natural.

That doesn’t mean you have to put up with them. We don’t blame you if the weather is bringing out a slew of bugs you’d rather ignore. The best thing you can do is call Staefa and we can set up a follow-up appointment. We can’t change the weather, but we can control the bugs.

Other reasons

As with anything, there are numerous reasons why bugs may appear after treatment. When dealing with roaches or ants, it’s critical to keep food up and not leave trash out for more than a few days. This attracts bugs who are looking for leftover food. Even crumbs on the floor can entice little ants to come in and look for them. Make sure that your children are not hiding open food in the house, as this can attract more bugs! If this is the case, and you see bugs as a result of crumbs or food, please contact us so we can take care of them.

Other factors, such as an empty lot nearby or the start of construction, can also increase bugs in your home. Even if it isn’t happening in your home, bugs may try to find a safer place to live, but thankfully, our pesticide will let them know they aren’t welcome!

How Will You Stop Insects From Entering Your Skokie House

We completely understand when the bugs are crawling, and you just want to have a pest-free home. Nothing is worse than expecting to see no bugs and then discovering an increase! We are here to assist you. There are a few things you can do if you come across marching bugs.

The first thing you should do is look up the date of your last service. It doesn’t matter if it was an inside or outside treatment. Any treatment can result in an increase in the number of bugs you see. If you’ve been with us for a while, you may have missed the fact that the service was completed. Examine your invoice to see when the service was completed. If it was recently, wait at least ten days before evaluating it. Pesticides are effective, but some are more effective than others.

How Does Pest Control Work

Pest control is a science in and of itself. Our technicians have been trained and certified in this science, ensuring that your home is bug-free. We have to work with science to get your home in the condition we want. Some bugs react differently to treatments, so we always use a combination of pesticides tailored to the specific bugs you’re seeing.

Our pesticide attracts bugs away from the house, preventing them from entering. However, as part of the first treatment, we will also treat the inside to kill any egg sacs that may be lying around as well as any bugs that are still alive. Usually, this is all that is required to keep bugs out of the house. Some bugs, such as ants, need bait to eliminate the colony. They eat the bait and bring it back with them, so they can die off after a few days.

We use granules in the yard in addition to our inside and outside spray and ant bait. These granules will kill any bugs in your yard that are causing problems with your grass. This includes ant piles, which can be large colonies that infiltrate the home.

Bugs can be difficult to kill because they have a thick exoskeleton that protects their bodies, so multiple pesticides are used to repel, kill, and keep the bugs away from the house.

Staefa Skokie il pest control provides the best services, so you’ll never see bed bugs or pests after treatment. You can check out pest exterminator cost. Call (847) 316-0620 to experience their effective pest control!

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