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There is not much worse than hanging out with someone who you don’t like.  What’s even worse is a PEST you don’t like.  Be it bugs, rats, bees, flies, spiders or squirrels; no person deserves that.  Call Staefa Control Systems of Morton Grove today at (847) 316-0620.

Owning a home is usually the biggest investment a family ever makes. Protecting that home from unwanted pests is one of the first things in protecting that investment. Pest management has become a major industry in helping preserve the value of your home and health of your family.

Many pests can permanently damage your home, while others carry and spread diseases. The first step to effective pest management is defining the insect or bug problem you face. Visit the Pest ID Center to find out more about each pest.

The next step is to limit the off spring and survival potential of each pest. For instance, if you remove the food, water and shelter of pests – that will have a very significant impact on controlling pest populations.

The last step is contacting Staefa Control System to help rid your home of the pest and prevent future damage.  Our knowledge, training, and years of experience, along with appropriate chemical control measures, cam help create a longer lasting, more significant impact in maximizing pest control. All pest control services are offered on a 1-time, Quarterly, or Monthly basis depending on the severity of the problem and needs of your location.

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Carpenter Ants are the most active at night so evening inspections are best.

  • Thorough inspection in and around the structure – from the ground level to the roof peak
  • Locate the colony/nest
  • Locate the satellite colonies/nests
  • Drill and treat the entire colony

Termites do their worst damage before you ever know they are there.

  • Thorough inspections in and around the structure – regardless of the construction materials usedtermite
  • Advance treatment methods for control and elimination
  • Sentricon System
  • Termidor System

Roaches can carry disease, but can be exterminated.

  • BAIT Technology
  • Human and pet safe

Fleas can be controlled with our pest control services.

  • Pet Grooming
  • Housekeepingflea
  • Lighted Traps
  • Pet Control
  • Outside the Home
  • Desiccant Powders
  • Repellents

Morton Grove is a village in Cook County, Illinois, United States. As of the 2010 census, the population was 23,270, for a growth rate of 3.6% since 2000.

The village is named after former United States Vice President Levi Parsons Morton, who helped finance the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad (later the Milwaukee Road), which roughly tracked the North Branch of the Chicago River in the area and established a stop at the old Miller’s Mill. Miller’s Mill Road, now Lincoln Avenue, connected the former riverside sawmill to the township’s central settlement (Niles Center, now Skokie). The railroad stop facilitated trade and development; the upstart neighborhood grew enough to incorporate in December 1895.

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For instance, do they provide monthly spray agreements or do they use an Integrated Bug Management (IPM) technique that includes nonchemical techniques? Find out if least-toxic options are readily available to control the bug. Ask the company if these least-toxic pesticides or baits are used when appropriate. For instance, verify that exclusion approaches, baits, and traps are employed versus cockroaches (rather than sprays) which baits (rather than sprays) are used for ants.

Make certain the business has the required licenses, registration, certificates, and insurance. Bug control companies and people making household treatments should operate with a license issued by the California State Structural Pest Control Panel. Validate the status of a bug control company’s license online or telephone 800-737-8188. Individuals running landscape upkeep or gardening companies and performing lawn bug control must have a bug control organization license and a Certified Applicator Certificate or a Certified Applicator License (QAC or QAL) issued by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation.

Confirm the status of an individual’s certificate or an organization’ license online or telephone 916-445-4038. The company might charge a cost to do this examination, but for that cost they ought to offer you with a composed medical diagnosis of the issue or a recognition of the insect. They need to show you where the bug is causing the issue and go over how they plan to control it.

They need to likewise provide you with details about the security of any items they might use and any preventative measures you would require to take, such securing family pets and kids. Consider long-term services to the issue. A company that practices IPM will recommend modification of the environment or usage of baits and tracking, rather than just guarantee to spray on a month-to-month basis or when and if the bug comes back.

Consider your chemical tolerance. Ask which pesticides will be used, the active ingredients they contain, and their results on animals, the environment, and peopleespecially the senior, the very young, or individuals with environmental sensitivities. Figure out if there are particular legal requirements defining preventative measures to be taken after application. You might request a copy of the Product Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), which explains chemical qualities, dangers, and security precautions for each pesticide used.