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Mole Removal

Mole Removal

At Skokie Pest Control, we believe we are the best gopher and mole remover in the North Suburbs. We want to prove it to you by offering $15 Off any exterminating service for first time customers!

Moles can cause a lot of damage to lawns and landscaping. These small animals burrow just listed below the surface of the ground trying to find grubs, worms or other bugs. The burrowing will develop raised ridges in the yard, and oftentimes there will be a mound of dirt where the moles dig further. Although they do not eat plants, their activities can ruin plant life and root systems. This can be a big nuisance to lots of people around the Skokie location. If you feel that you have a mole problem, call us to assist you save your lawn and landscaping.

Eastern moles (Scalopus aquaticus) stay mostly underground and feed on pests. They produce in between 3-5 young and are a territorial species. These mammals are often confused with the vole, a rodent local to Skokie.

Moles are very common in the Skokie location. The Eastern Mole is the most common in this location. Moles live under the ground, and the annoyance problem they trigger is because of their digging.

Nuisance Concerns:

Surface area tunnels, ridges or mounds of dirt in the lawn. These are a result of the Moles travels in their search for food.

Lots of people take excellent pride in the care of their yards and landscaping, and are extremely disturbed to see tunnels and mounds of dirt all over their lawns and flower beds and wish to trap and eliminate moles from the property.

The only real way to resolve a problem with moles is to trap and eliminate them. In reality, if your yard is complete of tunnels and dirt mounds, it’s most likely the outcome of a single mole’s activity. Moles have a really high metabolic process, and they are extremely active– they can collect 18 feet an hour under excellent soil conditions. They are likewise mainly territorial except during the breeding season. In the Skokie location the average lawn with Mole damage consists of one or 2 Moles. however they can actually make a mess of your lawn or flower beds. To fix the mole issue the mole needs to be recorded and eliminated. Making use of traps, such as spear traps, scissor traps, or underground clamp traps are the most effective tools for Mole elimination.

Staefa Control Systems offers two solutions to this. Solution one is we come out on a service call to check your home; traps are put to record the Moles triggering the damage. The traps are examined frequently until all moles have been captured and eliminated from your lawn. The cost for service one is based upon a service call charge to check and set traps. This service is tailored toward clients that have the periodic mole problem in their yard.

Option two is an ongoing upkeep agreement. This is tailored for the customer that has persisting mole issues over and over. This program is based on a flat rate charge to cover the entire duration for unlimited mole elimination.

Our wildlife biologist has discovered trapping to be the most effective removal technique for moles. These animals feed upon bugs and are essentially blind. The average is 1-5 moles per yard for a normal sized lawn within Skokie and .

Need assistance with Moles?

You can feel great calling our top-rated insect control company about mole removal, avoidance or control, or other bug or wildlife service. Call Staefa Control Systems today to get help with mole removal and gopher removal.

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Initially, we will identify the precise concern – one problem might be caused by other animals or environmental aspects. Second, we’ll take on both eliminating moles and taking preventive measures so they don’t come back. Our objective is to get you feeling comfortable in your house again as soon as possible!

We likewise focus on family and pet-friendly solutions and our professionals are highly trained to provide excellent, safe service. We will treat you and your property with the respect and attention you and your family deserve.

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