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Ticks and Flea Control in Skokie

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Getting rid of fleas and ticks when the summertime season heats up can be hard. Fleas particularly succeed in hot, wet temperature level levels. And when your home is pestered, it can take a variety of flea and tick treatments over a number of months to remove them. Here’s what you can do to prevent fleas and ticks in your home, and concepts on how to remove them:

Use Flea and Tick Prevention Medication on Pets

The main action to preventing a home flea and tick issue is treating your household animals on a consistent basis (usually when monthly) with an effective, topical or oral flea medication. It’s also not a bad idea to shower household animals with medicated flea and tick hair shampoo, even if you’re not seeing active fleas and/ or ticks on them. This will help to prevent fleas and ticks from biting and linking themselves to your animal, because of that lessening the possibility of fleas and ticks being brought into your home.

Keep Fleas and Ticks Out of Your Yard

Make your yard uninviting to fleas and ticks with some fundamental maintenance and pest and animal avoidance. Keep yard cut fairly short and shrubs and plants cut to lower hiding locations (particularly for ticks). It’s also important to keep trees, shrubs, and plants far from your home so as not to produce a course for animal invasions, seal holes or areas around roof lines, and turned off openings to crawl locations, basements, or under decks, and so on Raccoons, opossums and other wildlife are service providers of fleas, and if they find their technique inside your home, it’s more than likely you’ll have a flea issue on your hands, in addition to a wildlife control and contamination concern! You can also keep these animals far from your home by eliminating food sources– keep trash far from your home’s exterior and do not leave pet food outside. As a consisted of preventative step, consider using a yard treatment from your local hardware store that’s established to get rid of and prevent fleas and ticks, or call a professional pest control company to do this for you.

Keep Your Skokie Home Clean

You can decrease the possibilities of a flea issue with routine house cleaning. Adult fleas will drop their eggs on carpeted area, on, in and under home furnishings, around baseboards, and in any other fractures and crevices. Keep these areas vacuumed and neat to help prevent flea eggs from becoming the next stages of a flea’s life cycle, and clear the vacuum’s contents beyond your home. Areas your animal frequently checks out, particularly pet beds, require to be tidied up a minimum of when a week likewise, preferably in hot water wash cycles.

Use a Natural Flea Treatment

Looking for a more natural technique? Consider using a homemade flea treatment on your household animals to get rid of and prevent fleas. Mix 1 cup of white distilled vinegar, 1 quart of water, and a number of drops of an important oil such as lavender into a huge spray bottle. Spray the mix straight onto your animal, avoiding their face, eyes, and inside ears, and also onto any area your animal presses or has a good time with– beds, home furnishings, blankets, toys, and so on

For a natural home flea treatment in Skokie, mix together 1 gallon white vinegar, 1/2 gallon water, 2 cups lemon juice, and 1 cup witch hazel into a huge spray bottle. After totally tidying up and vacuuming your home, spray the mix onto carpets, home furnishings, animal bedding, around windows, baseboards, and any other fractures and crevices where fleas may hide. Use this for a minimum of 2-3 succeeding days, longer for significantly pestered areas, or when a week for flea avoidance.

Another popular, natural flea and tick repellent is Citronella (also a natural mosquito repellent). As part of your cleaning regular, mop floor coverings with a mix of 20 drops citronella oil, 10 drops tea tree oil, 10 drops lemongrass oil, 5 drops geranium oil, and 1 gallon of warm water.

Call Staefa Control Systems

Some flea and tick cases need a professional. Even if you have really been careful in flea and tick control and avoidance on household animals, in your home, and around your property or business home, a flea issue can still occur. An professional insect control male will do a comprehensive evaluation of your home to acknowledge areas of issue and provide you with pest control options and recommendations to get rid of fleas and ticks and prevent them from returning. Routine pest control, either on a quarterly or month-to-month basis, will also help to decrease the possibilities of a flea issue developing.

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