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Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, sometimes known as (OLPH), is a Roman Catholic parish of the Archdiocese of Chicago in suburban Glenview, Illinois, also the home of our Staefa pest control company, about 16 miles north-northwest of downtown Chicago. Our Lady of Perpetual Help, founded in 1907 as the Mission of St. Joseph, is today one of two Catholic parishes in Glenview, along with St. Catherine Laboure. The parish has approximately 3,000 families. As a result, every weekend, OLPH holds no less than seven Masses. The current pastor is Rev. Jeremiah “Jerry” Boland, and the pastor’s emeritus is Rev. Thomas E. Hickey. OLPH also includes three associate pastors and two deacon couples.


The early 1900s is when OLPH began. Catholics legally belonged to St. Joseph in Grosse Pointe, now Wilmette, although missionary priests often visited Glenview. The original OLPH Church was consecrated to St. Joseph’s Mission in 1907. Rev. John Vattman named the parish Our Lady of Perpetual Help in 1915 to honor a Virgin Mary monument.


Rev. Martin C. Schmidt became Our Lady of Perpetual Help’s resident pastor in 1919. The small town was then a “county parish.” According to legend, Fr. Schmidt didn’t know where Glenview was when he became pastor. Archbishop George W. Mundelein allegedly told Fr. Schmidt, “I don’t know. You’ll have to research it.”


The church acquired land east of the church to build a school and convent in the 20th century. John J. Dussman was OLPH’s pastor from 1934 to 1971. Rev. Myles P. McDonnell was pastor until 1989. Thomas E. Hickey succeeded Rev. John E. Flavin as pastor in 2007. Archbishop Francis Cardinal George of Chicago celebrated OLPH’s 100th anniversary Mass on July 15, 2007.


Fr. Hickey supported Pope Francis when he was chosen in March 2013, saying that while it was a “surprise,” it demonstrated the growth of Catholicism in the southern hemisphere. The preacher hoped Pope Francis would promote “openness and inclusivity.”

Religions and Aspects

OLPH views itself to be a “family of believers in Christ who endeavors to live according to his teachings” who “accept as their purpose in the world the living out of Jesus’ Gospel.” OLPH programs include care for the sick and bereaved, counseling services, a singles’ group, a business network group, men’s and women’s clubs, and a youth organization, according to the parish website. Through its Meal Ministry, the parish is also actively involved in food drives and emergency meal assistance.

The OLPH School

The founders of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church established OLPH School in September 1929. OLPH in the Archdiocese of Chicago’s largest elementary and middle school. Dr. Amy Mills is the current principal, with vice principals Patricia Musker and Lorsek. OLPH now teaches preschool through eighth grade. It has 744 students and 58 full-time faculty members. Among the 744 pupils, 48% are female and 52% are male; 84.5 percent are Caucasian and 15.5 percent are other races such as Asian and Hispanic. OLPH School has a student-teacher ratio of 13:1 for preschool and 16:1 for grades PK-8, which is lower than the national average of 17:1. Tuition for OLPH School is $6,460 per year for grades PK-8 and $5,595 per year for preschool, for a total yearly cost of $33,639 per year.


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