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Looking for pest control in Glenview? Our Staefa Control System Pest Control Company, located in Glenview, IL is here to help! The Naval Air Station Glenview, also located in Glenview, operated from 1923 to 1995. NAS Glenview supported the Naval Air Reserve, Marine Air Reserve/4th Marine Aircraft Wing, U.S. Army Reserve 244th Aviation Group, and an active duty Coast Guard Air Station.


Curtiss Flying Service built the base as Chicago’s air hub. Hangar One was the largest hangar when Curtiss Field opened on 20 October 1929. Hangar One, one of the most advanced at the time, had several advances. One gigacandela light permitted airport activities at night. Sliding doors formed storage and heating zones. Passengers could watch mechanics work through glassed-in galleries. Upper-level restaurants and lounges welcome passengers. Loudspeakers announced flight arrivals and departures. 1930’s airfield and hangar cost $3 million. Inflation-adjusted cost in 2017 would be $44.8 million. It was a top Midwest airport.


Curtiss-Reynolds Airport/Curtiss Field hosted the National Air Races in 1930 and the International Air Races in 1933. Charles Lindbergh, Wiley Post, Jimmy Doolittle, and Art Chester were there. 1934: Post tries to beat Curtiss’ altitude record. 1938 saw civilian and military operations from the field, but in 1940 it was sold to the US Navy.


The air station housed Marine Corps planes. In 1959, the Marine Corps Reserve established HUP-2 helicopters at NAS Glenview. The CH-34D was renamed in 1962. The squadron upgraded to the UH-1N from the UH-1E in 1972. This unit departed in 1991 to support Desert Storm and returned 10 months later to NAS Glenview. 1994: HML-776 was discontinued. Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 234’s KC-130F and KC-130T Hercules were based at NAS Glenview until 1994.

Us Army

Fort Sheridan, IL Flight Detachment transferred its C-12, U-21, and UH-1 aircraft to NAS Glenview in 1978. From NAS Glenview’s Hangar 1, the Army Flight Detachment provided Fort Sheridan-based U.S. Army Recruiting Command, Military Enlistment Processing Command, Fourth US Army, USARMR V, and US Army Corps of Engineers – Chicago District.

The Fort Sheridan Flight Detachment ran until 1991.

U.S. Coast Guard

Helicopter HH-52 Sea guards were used for the Coast Guard Air Station Chicago’s tenant operation at Glenview Naval Air Station in March 1969. Air Station Chicago was the principal U.S. Coast Guard aerial SAR unit for southern Lake Michigan, from Milwaukee to Muskegon and south to Gary, Indiana.


In April 1995, Traverse City took over for Chicago. Renamed Coast Guard Air Complex Glenview, the station remained on the base throughout NAS Glenview’s BRAC closure. It had a multipurpose hangar, office facility, and public works building. Air Facility Glenview hosted one of Traverse City’s HH-65A Dolphin helicopters with two crews from April until November. CGAF Glenview suspended operations on 15 November 1996 and moved to CGAF Waukegan, Illinois.


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