Raccoons, mice, and squirrels know it’s time to start storing food and shelter for the winter months when the days get shorter and colder in the fall. They do not hibernate in the winter, yet the warmth and security of your home’s walls and attic make it the ideal winter den. While this is perfect for them, it causes damage to your property and poses health hazards to your family.

How Do I Keep Mice Out of My House During The Winter?

If you’re wondering about “How Do I Keep Mice Out of My House During The Winter” we’ll look at how raccoons, mice, and squirrels get into your home, the damage they cause, and the health dangers they bring in our rodent piece today. And, of course, how Staefa Control Systems Inc. can assist you in getting these animals out of your home and back into the wild.

Brief History of Mice

Mice arrived in North America aboard the ships of the colonists and are now present in every state. And they’re frequently found in your Skokie home at this time of year. Have you seen any scurrying or heard any squeaking in the walls? Have you noticed little brown pellets in your kitchen drawers? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you most likely have mice.

Preparing for Winter

Mice will consume practically anything. Their diet comprises primarily cereal grains and seeds, but they are open to new things. If they are there, they will prefer foods high in protein, fat, and sugar, and they will appreciate bacon, chocolate, and butter. House mice do not require much water and acquire most of their hydration from the items they ingest. They will, however, drink water if it is accessible, thus denying them water sources may restrict their reproduction potential in your house.

Is There a Mouse in My Home?

Mice are typically nocturnal, however, daytime activity is not uncommon. There are various ways to identify whether you have mice in your house:









Breaking & Entering

House mice have various physical characteristics that allow them easy entry to your home:



Mice can wreak costly damage to your house in a variety of ways:








Health Dangers

Mice can both, directly and indirectly, transmit diseases to humans and pets (via the fleas and ticks that live on them). These are some examples:






How Do You Get Rid of These Unwanted Visitors?

There are three primary strategies for keeping mice out of your home. You can attempt them on your own or engage a professional, such as Staefa professionals. Our technicians can fix your mouse. The three ways are as follows:

How Do I Keep Mice Out of My House During The Winter?

  1. Close up any holes or openings more significant than 3/16 of an inch.
  2. Remove all food sources, including crumbs and pet food. Plastic or metal containers should hold dry goods.
  3. Traps and poisonous bait stations can be used to control the mouse population.

Staefa’s Control Solution

If you notice one mouse in your house, there are almost certainly more. Controlling a mouse infestation is not something you should attempt on your own. The Eco-Green home programs from Staefa Control Systems cover 60 common household pests, including mice. Our highly experienced service professionals will look for signs of mice in your Skokie house. Then they’ll devise a strategy to get rid of the mice that are already in your home and keep additional from getting in. Mice are currently looking for a warm place to spend the winter. Don’t allow them to make it your home. Find out and don’t hesitate to ask “Do Seasons Determine How Many Mice I May See In my House?” on our website. Call Staefa at 847.316.0620 today to schedule pest control Park Ridge services and keep your family and property safe from mice throughout the year.

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