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If the notion of rats taking up residence in your home gives you the creeps, but you also don’t want your uninvited house guests to suffer, you might be interested in a humane pest management technique and may also be asking Do Pest Control Companies Provide Humane Pest Control Solutions. This pest management method offers an alternative to slow-kill traps and animal-harming pesticides and poisons. Humane pest control benefits humans and animals, whether you have a critter in your crawlspace or rodents in your walls.

What Exactly Is Humane Pest Control?

Humane pest control Glenview experts seek to get rid of pests or keep them away from your home without killing or injuring them. If you don’t have an ongoing pest infestation, you can utilize humane measures to keep pests out of your home in the first place. If you already have bugs in your home, humane removal services can help you get rid of them while minimizing stress and suffering.

Do Pest Control Companies Provide Humane Pest Control Solutions?

Professional humane pest and animal control services look at the full infestation to resolve it and prevent future problems. The company determines where and how the bugs entered your property and how to prevent future infestations.

The Advantages of Humane Pest Control

Humane pest and wildlife control approaches, simply said, eliminate pain and suffering for the animals. While some rodent traps are designed to swiftly kill the mouse or rat, others simply hurt the rodent and leave it to suffer. Pesticides and poisons might take minutes, hours, or even days to work, but humane alternatives eliminate this discomfort. They also reduce the likelihood of orphaned babies when mama raccoons, skunks, and other wild animals are killed.


Humane wildlife and pest control benefit more than just the species in question. Traditional insecticides and poisons can be harmful to your family, pets, and the environment. You can keep your family and the environment healthier and safer by avoiding exterminators who use harmful chemicals.

Finding Humane Pest Control Firms

Homeowners can block entry points and use repellents, but humanely removing live animals requires a pest management company. If you attempt to transfer the animal on your own, it may bite or fight you. A pest or animal removal specialist understands how and where to relocate unwanted visitors to keep them from returning.


Any pest control company can claim to use humane methods, but there’s no guarantee they do. Ask specific questions regarding the company’s removal and management tactics, whether you’re dealing with cockroaches, fleas, groundhogs, or opossums. Some businesses solely use no-kill procedures for specific animals. Ask a local wildlife rehabilitation facility, humane society, or other animal-welfare organization for references.

How A Humane Pest Control Company Rids Pests

When you employ a business to eradicate pests humanely, you may expect the following services:

Capture and Release in Real Time

Live traps capture animals so an animal removal specialist can relocate them off your property. You can use live traps to remove raccoons and squirrels, but hiring a professional is safer. When wild animals become irritated and become trapped in live traps, they may attempt to fight back.

Wildlife One-Way Doors

A one-way door over the animal invaders’ access point is another solution employed by specialists to solve a wildlife problem. It’s a temporary device that allows the animal to leave your home but prevents it from returning. The door slams shut and refuse to open, allowing the animal to return to your home. Once all animals have left, remove the door and seal all entry points to keep them out. This method is suitable for a wide range of larger creatures, including squirrels, raccoons, and bats.Do Pest Control Companies Provide Humane Pest Control Solutions?

There Could Be Exceptions to No-Kill Removal

Some governments euthanize some stray animals. States may order euthanizing raccoons and other rabies vectors. Even if your affordable exterminator near me captures the animal while it is still on your property, they may be obliged to transport it elsewhere and euthanize it. To understand the process, ask the company what will happen to the animal after it is caught.

For more help and assistance with pests, call a local pest control business or Staefa Control System at 847.316.0620. Additionally, visit our website to read our “Can I Get Mice Out Of My House Without Killing Them?” article.

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Do Pest Control Companies Provide Humane Pest Control Solutions?

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