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A Bahá temple is the Bahá’í House of Worship in Wilmette, Illinois. It is the second Bahá House of Worship to be built and the oldest still standing. It is one of eight continental temples built to serve the entire continent of North America. The temple was designed by Louis Bourgeois, a French-Canadian architect who received design feedback from Abdu’l-Bahá during a visit to Haifa in 1920. Bourgeois used a variety of religious architecture and symbols to convey the Bahá principle of religious unity. Although Abdu’l-Bahá took part in a cornerstone-laying ceremony in 1912, construction began in earnest in the early 1920s and was significantly delayed by the Great Depression and World War II. Construction resumed in 1947, and the temple was dedicated in 1953 in a ceremony.

Although none have been built to this extent, Bahá Houses of Worship is intended to include several social, humanitarian, and educational institutions clustered around the temple. The temples are not intended to be local gathering places but rather are open to the public and used for devotional purposes by people of all faiths. Read more about Evanston History Center before visiting.  Contact Staefa Control System in Evanston. Or call them at 847-316-0620.

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