Pest and Termite control


Spring is here in Skokie – sort of!While it appears to come and go, something is for specific: pests are here – and with them, the requirement for proper pest control and termitecontrol With spring, Staefa Control Systems wishes to link, resolve your issues, and supply a constant conversation throughout this blog website. We will […]

Stop Attracting Rodents! Why they Love Your Home….

The Rodents Methods of Attraction Essentially, residential mice have the exact same needs as you or I: sanctuary, food, and also comfort. As well as if these points are made readily offered to them, mice will certainly take every chance to make themselves comfortable in your house or service. They often tend to keep out […]

How to Minimize Mosquito Exposure In 3 Simple Steps

Being bitten by a mosquito is not an enjoyable experience. If you are here, reading this post, then you understand just how much of a discomfort they are. We are here to share the risks mosquitoes present and 3 simple things you can do to minimize mosquito exposure here inSkokie Interested? Keep reading to discover […]

All You Need To Know About Termite Swarming

Termites Swarming

The termite swarming season is upon us in Skokie Subterranean termites usually swarm in the Spring and early Summer months.  Often times, swarming activity is preceded by significant rain and followed by warm, wet conditions – specifically the type of climate condition we have actually simply recently experienced in the Skokie place. Termite swarmers are the […]

Stinging and Biting Pests

The stinging season is upon us! While there are great deals of bees, wasps, hornets, and even some ants that can sting us and our animals, many of these stinging pests command our attention by virtue of their numbers, size, or aggressiveness. Two of them that immediately entered your mind are the cicada killer and […]

The Full Service Pest Control Company

Believe it or not, all pest control service are not the specific very same. Unfortunately, for the pest control market, the normal misconception is that the services used by pest control professionals require little training, really little capability and uncertain levels of understanding. Consumers regularly believe it’s routine for their pest control company to come […]

Health Threats Posed By Pests? – Can Pest Make You Ill?

Housing Issues for the Poor “In some cases poor real estate is a shorthand method of explaining living conditions of poor people. The poor include the aged, deprived, ethnic minority groups, the infirmed, and households headed by jobless ladies. Simply put, individuals most at risk for illness typically reside in inferior real estate. Therefore, it […]

Winter-time Garage Mouse Proofing

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Winterproof & Mouse-proof Your Garage Your garage is for man stuff, not rodent stuff!  Call Staefa Control Systems in Skokie, IL for help getting rid of mice in your man space.  Mice are among the most common household pests in a lot of parts of America. These furry little annoyances penetrate homes, garages, and sheds, […]

Winter Bugs That Bite


We were ensured a moist and cold winter. However, with the exception of one week, Skokie has really had little cold, nevertheless good deals of moist. But bear in mind that winter isn’t over yet and spring is still over a month and a half away! Also, it is so easy to believe that, due […]

Integrated Pest Management Approach


When the climate condition shifts from warm to cool, humans, animals, and bugs alike all begin to make the needed preparations for the cooler months ahead. For humans, this may show tidying up the smooth rain gutters in preparation for the falling fall leaves. Animals prepare by growing a thick winter coat, while bugs and […]